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He’s OUR Gabby Petito – Justice for Eben

OAKHURST — November 7th marks the four-month anniversary of Eben Hammond’s death.

Eben Hammond. Gone too soon, July 7, 2021

Four months since he was senselessly run down by a driver in the middle of the night on Road 427, near Yosemite High School.

Four months since his family and friends have missed his smile, his music, his art, his talent.

The world’s heart breaks for the family of Gabby Petito, who lost her life as senselessly as Eben. She may never have justice, but we can hope that Eben will, for the sake of his family and friends. Eben’s sister, Channa Hammond, and godfather, Matt Sconce, have worked together to spearhead the search for his killer. His case will not achieve the worldwide attention that Gabby’s has, but Matt and Channa are convinced that the driver is either a local or someone with friends here in the Oakhurst area, so spreading the word here is vital.

It’s not too late to tell what you know—or even what you suspect. If something seems “off” to you about a situation that happened around July 7 to someone who was in Oakhurst at that time, call Crimestoppers. Did someone’s demeanor change suddenly around that time? Did someone start missing appointments or school?

You don’t need to identify yourself. Call Crimestoppers at 559-498-STOP. You can also directly call CHP investigators at 559-658-6590.

The reward fund organized for Eben is still accepting donations. The fund has grown to $8,500, but Channa and Matt would like to see it come up to $10,000 as a further incentive for someone to come forward with information leading to the identification of the driver of that vehicle.

As a reminder, the vehicle has been variously described as a larger SUV, possibly a Jeep or Toyota 4Runner, dark in color, with round yellow headlights in the front and rectangular taillights. The second description indicates that the vehicle of interest could resemble that of a smaller SUV, station wagon or crossover-type and could be white, silver or possibly two-toned.

Expect either vehicle to have extensive windshield and hood/front damage.

Anything could be the clue that leads to the resolution of this case. If you suspect something, you can report while leaving your name out of the investigation. Call Crimestoppers at 559-498-STOP. You can also directly call CHP investigators at 559-658-6590.

Memorial for Eben at Sierra Pines Church

Obviously the best help you could give would be a name or a clue that leads to the driver of the vehicle that struck Eben. But if you can’t do that, you can contribute to his GoFundMe or participate in events that may be scheduled in the future to support this cause. Give as much or as little as you’re able. Every bit counts.

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All photos courtesy of Matt Sconce.

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