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Sally Swiecki with great-grandson Miles

Helping A Beloved Granny Rebuild Her Life

NORTH FORK — Since losing her home and all her belongings in a devastating fire on Feb. 25, Sally Swiecki has been making plans for the next chapter of her life.

Sally’s home of over 30 years on Road 226, burned to the ground, leaving her with only the clothes on her back and the car she saved from the carport in the early moments of the fire.

She is currently staying with her son Randy Jones and his wife Cheryl, at their home near Bass Lake, while scoping out the senior living options in the area.

DSC_0947“Since the fire, I’ve been dealing with things like insurance,” says Sally, “anything that needs a signature. I don’t really know what my exact plans are yet, but laughter is happiness, and that’s how I get through the bad times.”

So many people have told Sally that they want to help her rebuild her life, and she is now in a position to begin accepting those gracious offers. She will need a bit of everything, including furniture and kitchen supplies.

When asked whether she would be needing pots and pans, Sally, true to her indomitable spirit, replied, “Well, one pot and one pan, anyway!”

Friends have also set up a GoFundMe account to help replace some of what was lost — which included her purse, which was left sitting on the kitchen counter when she hurried out to save her car.

“We will use the funds to cover any immediate expenses that the insurance company will not cover,” say friends. “We are unsure what’s next for Sally’s long-term housing, however we know that any home she moves into will need to have everything she lost replaced.”

Sally has driven by what’s left of her home on several occasions.

“I have my son slow down as we drive by, and each time, I just have to give it up,” says the feisty 87-year-old. “Everyone has their own way of dealing with things like this. I’m not gonna just lay down and cry. I will keep putting one foot in front of the other, and by the grace of God, I’ll make it.”

You can contact Sally by calling 559-676-5169.



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