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Help To Save Those Pine And Oak Trees

MARIPOSA COUNTY – Don’t give up on your pines and oaks. Yes, the drought is killing some oaks – mainly live oaks – that haven’t had enough water to see them through. However, most deciduous oaks are still hanging on.

Yes, the drought has weakened pines – mainly ponderosas – and made them susceptible to the bark beetles that are turning too many of them into dead, brown, dry, fire hazards.

What can you do?

University of California Master Gardener Program representative Kris Randal and US Forest Service entomologist Beverley Bulaon will tell you at a free workshop July 18, 10 a.m. to noon at the Greeley Hill Community Club, 10340 Fiske Road, Greeley Hill. Please register by calling (209) 966-2417 or online at so enough printed material can be prepared.

The workshop is presented by the Mariposa County UCCE Master Gardeners.

Randal, known for her deep knowledge of oaks, will address how oaks survive droughts and what you might do to help them.

You’ve probably heard that once a pine has brown branches, it’s as good as dead; by the time the damage shows up, the bark beetles have won. No injections of pesticides or other measures will bring them back to health. Bulaon will discuss what you can – and should – do to help keep your healthy pines healthy and what to do with your dead trees to help keep the damage from spreading.

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