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Help Fill The Bus With Rations For Santa Rosa

OAKHURST — Dee Ann Smith at Discover Yosemite says their office knows of at least 21 friends who’ve lost their homes due to fires burning in Santa Rosa, so they’re in touch with what people in the midst of this disaster need on a day-to-day basis, right now. In order to help out, they’ve decided to fill a bus with water and snacks and drive it up to the firefighters and other responders who are in need.

The plan is to leave Friday, Oct. 13.

Dee Ann says she’s been told they can use food at the Santa Rosa Police Department where firefighters are staging, as their snack tables are nearly empty. It’s the main hub that is feeding the firefighters, and donating snacks to fill the bus is a great way to assist those on the line.

“They are looking for Gatorade, lunch meat and cheese, granola bars, bread, fresh fruit, pet food and, of course, water,” Dee Ann explains. “We are donating the bus and driver to get up there, along with a pallet of water and snacks. We have a few people who have donated cash and we will be making a run to Costco tomorrow. It would be great if our community would come together and fill the bus with other items that are needed.”

If you can donate, please call the office at (559) 642-4400 to arrange pickup or drop off of items. The folks at Discover Yosemite are prepared to keep fresh items refrigerated overnight. Drop-offs are scheduled for 8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 13. Discover Yosemite is located at 40155 Enterprise Drive in Oakhurst.


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