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Helicopters To Stage At Old Mill Site

NORTH FORK – Residents in the area will be hearing the sounds of helicopters taking off and landing at the Old Mill Site over the next few weeks.

The Community Development Council (CDC) has entered into an agreement with the US Forest service to allow them to use the property for staging helicopters for use on the Aspen Fire burning near Mammoth Pool, on the east side of the San Joaquin River canyon.

CDC spokesperson Sandy Chaille says the details of the agreement are still being ironed out, but that both the CDC and the Mono Tribe have given their consent to allow the Forest Service to use the property in support of the suppression efforts on the Aspen Fire.

“They will probably start using the mill site on Sunday, July 28,” says Chaille, “continuing throughout the duration of the fire. So probably a couple weeks.”

She says they want to get the word out so that people understand what’s going on when they see and hear the helicopters coming and going from the property.

It is not known at this time exactly what types of operations will be conducted or how many personnel will be on site, but we will update as new information becomes available.

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  1. why do they need to “make an agreement”? why does the “agreement need to be ironed out”? all involved should be jumping for joy that there is somewhere for them to land so they can get the fire out. If this involves money, shame on them.

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