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Hazard Tree Removal Assistance For Mariposa Co. Residents

MARIPOSA —  The Mariposa County Resource Conservation District (MCRCD) has a new program to assist residents in need of financial support to remove hazardous dead trees that threaten their homes.

Assistance is intended to first serve low income households who are unable to afford the cost of removing hazardous trees with their own resources. Assistance will be provided to moderate income residents if there are funds remaining.

Dead and dying trees within 100 feet of structures or threatening access to or exit from the property will be removed, and waste chipped and left at the site or disposed of.

Residents who are already participating in an income-qualified program and provide proof of enrollment and will be given first priority. Remaining applications will be evaluated, and applicants in lower priority tiers will be approved until the funding is exhausted.

Scheduling will be determined by when work is being undertaken in eligible high-fire risk communities and is expected to begin in May.

Communities identified as high fire risk by Cal Fire and covered by this grant are:

  • Bootjack
  • Coulterville
  • Fish Camp
  • Foresta
  • Hunters Valley
  • Mountain Estates
  • Mariposa
  • Mormon Bar
  • Wawona

Applications must be accompanied by photographs and either proof of participation in an eligible program or the signed page of a recent tax return showing adjusted taxable income (Line 38 on Form 1040).

A site visit to mark and assess trees will also be conducted. Once all required documents have been received, you will be contacted and advised of your application status.

The application is available on the MCRCD website http://www.mcrcd.net or at the MCRCD office at 5039 Fairgrounds Road, Mariposa.

Please contact Nicole Poor, MCRCD District Office Manager, at (209) 966-3431 ext. 103, if you have questions about your application.

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