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Have You Registered To Receive Emergency Notifications?

CENTRAL SIERRA – In light of the major wildland fires the county experienced last summer, expectations for another long hot summer, and the serious drought conditions we have been facing, Sheriff Varney says it is imperative for all people who live or work in Madera County – especially those in the foothills – to register or update their information for emergency contact.

Mariposa County also has an emergency alert system through Nixel. Mariposa County residents can sign up for their alert system at: or by texting your zip code to 888777.

Madera County’s Emergency Alert System, also known as MCAlert, allows residents to update their personal profile or register from the comfort of their homes using the website

MCAlert is used to notify and update residents regarding emergency evacuation during the fire season, and Sheriff Varney says this is fastest way to get the word out.

“Deputies will still come to advise residents but that takes time,” says Varney. “By signing up, you will help keep everyone in the community safer including our deputies and firefighters.”

MCAlert is also used in the event of other natural disasters such as floods and severe weather, and for locating missing persons, through Amber or Silver Alerts when necessary. You can be notified by cell phone, home phone, text or email.

You will be notified even if you’re away on vacation, on a business trip or just at the movies. Wouldn’t you want to get a call or text on your cell phone if your home was in danger?

The process begins when MCAlert sends out a message about a potential safety hazard or concern. If you do not confirm that you received the message, the system will continue trying to contact you at the next number on your list until it receives a confirmation from you.

The system is free and Sheriff Varney is urging everyone who has not yet signed up, to do so immediately.

Sheriff Varney also encourages residents to check out Cal Fire’s Ready for Wildfire website for tips regarding getting ready for wildland fire season and evacuation prep kit information.

The Sheriff reminds people to remember the six “P’s” during evacuations, a quick check-list of what to bring with them:

People and Pets
• Papers, Phone Number and Important Documents
• Prescriptions, Vitamins, and Eyeglasses
• Pictures and Irreplaceable Memorabilia
• Personal Computers Hard Drives and Disk
• “Plastic” (Credit Cars, ATM Cards and Cash)

Mariposa County residents can sign up for their alert system at: or by texting your zip code to 888777

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