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Grace Community Church Senior Center Burglarized

NORTH FORK — The ladies arriving to open the Grace Community Church Senior Center in North Fork on Saturday were greeted with evidence that someone had broken into the building sometime overnight.

It appeared that whoever broke in did so by managing to jimmy a door open with a small knife or screwdriver, as opposed to breaking something such as a window.

The Center is open in the morning for coffee, and seniors are served lunch each weekday. It also serves as a place where seniors can meet for activities and to socialize during the day.

Fortunately, the thieves got away with only a few items of value. Unfortunately, they took a first aid kit with lifesaving equipment that is expensive. They also took some food items the church keeps to help people in need.

The church would like the community to know that if ever they are in need of food or assistance, they only need ask and it will be provided.

In this case, the thieves were apparently looking for cash as they opened and rummaged through every room, cabinet and closet. They did not destroy any property, and for that the church community is grateful, but there was a mess created in some of the closets. Whoever broke in did not find any cash because no cash is kept anywhere on the church property.

There is very little food stored on the property, only enough to help someone in need. Most of the food the church regularly provides to the community arrives the same day it is distributed.


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