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Government Charity Is Dehumanizing

Dear Editor,

This holiday season, as with all those before it, presents the opportunity for all of us to spread an enduring sense of well being.

To condition anyone to believe that the best that they can ever expect in life is a handout is to dehumanize their soul.

This is the consequence, intended or otherwise, of Governmental interference in life’s natural cycle.

Generosity and charity have now been largely supplanted by ill conceived and politically motivated social engineering.

Charitable acts are satisfying to both the giving and the receiving parties. Perpetual dependency is debilitating and breeds only resentment and envy.

A hand up, not a hand out preserves human dignity and encourages participation to one’s best ability. In this country, we are all Constitutionally endowed with the same opportunity. It’s just that, given the human element, there are no guaranteed outcomes.

As a civil society we are morally obligated to care for our young, our old and our infirm. That brand of caring will never be found in a government program.

Ray Krause


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