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Golden Fleecing At Golden Chain Theatre

OAKHURST – Talented thespians at the historic Golden Chain Theatre are getting ready to debut their newest boo-hiss sensation, “A Golden Fleecing,” by R. Eugene Jackson.

The show opens on Saturday, July 26 and runs every Saturday and Sunday through August 24.

On Saturdays, curtains rise at 7 p.m., and Sundays feature a matinee performance at 2 p.m.

This traditional melodrama features Sarah Sweetflower, the heroine, played by Kelly Ravel, who has inherited Cactus Bob’s Saloon in the ghost town of Elbow’s Bend.

Golden Fleecing Big Bad Granny 2014 2

She plans to open Sarah Sweetflower’s Sarsaparilla Saloon and Bridal Shoppe with the help of the hero, Stanley Stoutheart, portrayed by Brandon Reed-Crabb, but the villainous Sly Scavenger, also known as Erik Hurtado, and his accomplice, Miss Twinkle Toes aka Karah Varner, are more interested in Cactus Bob’s lost gold mine.

With the help of a professional gunfighter, Big Bad Granny, played by rising star Roland M. Ott, they attempt to do away with Sarah, only to be foiled by the town’s only permanent resident, Tumbleweed, portrayed by Matthew Van De Wal, who doubles as both the town judge and constable.

Jennifer Varner plays Crazy Clara, a whacky character who only shows her true colors in the end. Confused? That’s why you have to come see the show.

The Golden Chain Theatre is delighted to debut several new actors in this melodrama, including Rolant Ott, Brandon Reed-Crabb, Erik Hurtado and Matthew Van De Wal. Ott and Hurtado are also have roles in the mini-melodrama Bonnie Belle’s Best Bloomers, along with Roy Allison.

Golden Fleecing  2014 3One could wonder when these three locals have time to practice, what with actually working for a living at H & L Lumber in Oakhurst. Perhaps that’s just part of the mystery within the melodrama. In any case, don’t miss it. For reservations phone 559 683-7112
Adults $12; Seniors $10; Students $8; Children $6

Golden Chain Theatre website and Golden Chain Theatre on Facebook

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