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Golden Chain's Traveling Troupe Joins Mariposa Wagon Train

The Golden Chain Theatre’s traveling troupe will join the celebrating when the 37th annual Mariposa Wagon Train pulls into the old Darrah Schoolhouse Friday.

The Oakhurst theatre will present a short melodrama, “A Fastidious Finagling Fiasco Fixing Fresno Flats” by Roger Clugston. It’s a highly imaginative version of how the bustling burg of Fresno Flats came to be known as Oakhurst.

Al Wahnee and his henchman Shifty Sands have a plan to buy up the whole town with a typically villainous plot. But they aren’t counting on the astute observations of school marm Mary Posa and postmistress Sue Kell or even the bumbling dumb-luck actions of Sheriff Dead Wood.

The Wagon Train dinner is scheduled for 6 p.m., followed by the melodrama. Booing, hissing and cheering are strongly encouraged.

The first melodrama of the season, “Treacherous Trepidations at Phossilwaite’s Find,” opens June 16 and runs through July 29. It’s the story of British Egyptologist, his search for the tomb of King Tut-Tut-Tut-Mah-Boi and the evil doings of a man who says he’s an Egyptian banker.

Next up is “The Shame of Tombstone” Aug. 11 to Sept. 23. The season is completed by “I Can’t Believe That Didn’t Win a Tony,” a musical revue Oct. 6 to 21; “It Was A Dark and Stormy Night” Nov. 3 to 18 and the annual Christmas performance Dec. 7-9.

For more information on the Golden Chain’s 45th season, see the website,, the Facebook page, or call (559) 683-7112.

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