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Golden Chain Theatre Casts "Shame of Tombstone"

Oakhurst’s Golden Chain Theater is running full bore for the summer. While “Treacherous Trepidations at Phossilwaite’s Find” continues its run through July 29, the cast has been chosen and work has started on the next show, “The Shame of Tombstone.”
The melodrama tells the tale of the “shame,” the masked singer woman who lures men to the saloon. She has a deep secret that will be revealed, leading to an even deeper and darker secret about one of the townspeople.

Here’s the cast:

  • French maid (from Bisbee) Fifi, Natalia Travers
  • Elegant, wealthy widow Amanda Goodsort, Karah Varner
  • Pillar of societal rectitude Flora Courtland, Julie O’Brie
  • Flamboyant saloon girl Peachy Jamm, Georgie Dayton
  • Villainous Judge Mortimer Harshly, Darrell Collard
  • Smelly, dirty Ole Timer, Cortland Johnson
  • Ole Timer’s sidekick, Sidekick, Larry Mattox
  • Harvard-educated scout Lonely Wolf, Jesse Parr
  • Giggly heroine Little Victoria Goodsort, Brittany Steinberg
  • Lt. Pete Bogg, U.S. Cavalry, William O’Brien
  • Wise man, J.R. Romero
  • Jilted, woman, Venessa Willard
The play will open August 11th and run through September 23rd.
For more information call 559-683-7112 or visit the website at or find us on Facebook.

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