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Golden Chain Presents "Treacherous Trepidations at Phossilwaite's Find"

Professor Percival Phossilwaite, a British Egyptologist (Jason Turner), has been looking for the tomb of King Tut-Tut-Mah-Boi for 30 years, and he’s sure the next expedition will bring success.

He has a new assistant, an eager student named Alistair Inlov-Anwar (Noah Cahill), and his lovely daughter, Prudence (Lyric Piccolotti, photo), to help in the quest. And he expects that as usual, Lord Albert Daftfuddlewimsey (Jim Roberts) will finance the dig.

As the curtain opens on “Treacherous Trepidations at Phossilwaite’s Find,” the first melodrama of the season at Oakhurst’s Golden Chain Theatre, the professor, Prudence and his lordship are chatting in the drawing room. It’s soon apparent, however, that things are not as “Masterpiece Theatre” – like as they may appear.

There is a distinct confusion in the old gentlemen. The maid, Poinsettia Chamberpotte (Alexis Reid), seems to know more than she should about international monetary conversions.

A reporter for the Kansas City Star (Fanny Fourineur, played by Jessica Cahil) wants to know about his lordship’s finances and wonders where she has seen Noseer Yasser Rebab (Devin Faucette) before. You know Noseer, who purports to be an Egyptian banker, is trouble by the sneer on his face,the glint in his eye, and that evil laugh.

GCT Phosillwaites Find 6-9-12

The cast of “Treacherous Trepidations at Phossilwaite’s Find,” the first melodrama of the season at Oakhurst’s Golden Chain Theatre, which runs from June 16 to July 29.

From left standing: Alistair Inlov-Anwar (Noah Cahill); Professor Percival Phossilwaite (Jason Turner), Noseer Yasser Rebab (Devin Faucette), Lord Albert Daftfuddlewimsey (Jim Roberts)) and Poinsettia Chamberpotte (Alexis Reid). Seated, Prudence Phossilwaite (Lyric Piccolotti) and Fanny Fourineur (Jessica Cahill)

Roger Clugston has written a tale of lies, hidden relationships, a longing for Coarsegold, dark tunnels through the Sphinx, eyebrow-raising heiroglyphs, ropes and snakes. Prudence’s life could be ruined. Her friends could die and never be found. Noseer could triumph.

Golden Chain Theatre photo

“Phossilwaite’s Find,” directed by Darrell Collard, plays:

-Saturdays at 7 p.m. June 16, 23, 30, July 7, 14, 21 and 28 and

-Sundays at 2 p.m. June 17 (fathers admitted free), July 1, 15 and 29.

Doors open an hour before show time.


$12 – general admission

$10 – 55 and older

$8 – student and military;

$6 – 4 to 12 years old.

Special rates for groups, season tickets. Seating at tables of 8.

Information: (559) 683-7112 or visit us online at and Facebook.

The Grub Gulch Saloon serves alcohol, movie-theater-style snacks, soft drinks and free popcorn.

The theatre is located two miles above Oakhurst on Highway 41, opposite the Hounds Tooth Inn sign.


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Golden Chain Theatre publicity

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