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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Guest Column submitted by Lowell Young — 

In July of 2014, my wife, Sue, and I contracted with Alltrade Construction, which is owned by Eric Weihe, to paint our house and outbuildings. Due to circumstances that we could not control, Mr. Weihe’s crew didn’t begin to painting our house until late October of that year and they didn’t finish until early November. We were thrilled with the results. And as a general contractor, I couldn’t have done a better job myself.

In the late Spring of 2015, cracks began to appear in the paint on the siding of our house and outbuildings. By mid summer, the siding on all of our buildings was showing cracks in the paint. Having built houses for many many years I was concerned that the ambient temperature and the early morning moisture on the siding of the buildings could have had a negative effect upon the drying paint. A concern that I had talked to Mr. Weihe about before the paint was applied to our buildings and he had assured me that there would not be any problems. But, there were and Sue and I were very concerned.

Not being sure what was causing the problem, I called Mr. Weihe and Marko Gonzales of Kelly Moore Paints in Merced, the supplier of the paint that was used, and told them of the problem that we had. We set an appointment to meet at our place. I was very unsure of what the results of our meeting would be, and I was prepared to take drastic actions, including going to court, to get the paint job that we had paid for.

On the agreed date, Eric and Marko arrived at our house. We talked about the problem that we had. Then Eric and Marco walked around and examined the paint on all of our buildings. After their tour, Eric advised us that indeed the paint was in terrible shape. He continued and said, that if we agreed to allow him to use the Kelly Moore elastomeric paint that he had recommended to us before he started to paint our buildings, and we had refused to use, he would repaint everything. Marco said that Kelly Moore would provide the paint.

We had expected a big fight over this issue. Instead, we got everything repainted. It is now mid-spring and the paint on our buildings looks as if it were applied yesterday. We are very happy with the results and I have no doubt that if there is another problem with the paint that it will be dealt with fairly.

As a result of our experience Alltrade Construction and Kelly More Paints, we highly recommend them. They do great work and they stand behind their work and products—100%.

Thank you!

Lowell J. Young

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