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Gilbert Marshall Memorial Team Branding

CLOVIS – The 2nd Annual Gilbert Marshall Memorial Team Branding will be held Saturday, Mar. 8, at the Blasingame Ranch.

This is an annual event held for the purpose of raising money to give scholarships to graduating seniors in the surrounding mountain area pursuing an education in Agriculture and/or Forestry.

The Gilbert Marshall Memorial Scholarship is made available in memory of an Eastern Fresno-Madera County native, and Sierra High School graduate, Gilbert Marshall.

Gilbert Marshall was the son of Patrick Marshall of Templeton and Dolores “Sister” Topping of O’Neals, California. He grew up on the Topping Ranch located in O’Neals and attended Spring Valley Elementary School where his sons, Cody and Cole would later follow. Gilbert was a graduate of Sierra High School with the Class of 1988.

While in school, Gilbert was an athlete, and a student of agriculture. He was an active outdoorsman, a cattleman, and a logger who made his living running the family herd and logging in the local area mountains.

Gilbert is remembered by friends and family as hard-working, fun-loving and loyal. His work ethic and love of life were shared by all around him. Gilbert lost his life in an accident while working in the very mountains that he loved.

His extensive family and many friends work to preserve his memory and honor his love for a life outdoors by offering a scholarship, available to any graduating seniors in the Sierra Unified and/or Minarets School District pursuing an education and college degree in the fields of Agriculture and/or Forestry. It is the family’s hope that a future can be built that will both preserve and maintain the balance of agriculture and forestry in our local area.

The Blasingame Ranch is located at 19606 Auberry Road in Clovis.

For more information, visit Marshall Flier for 3-8-14

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