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Get That Mess Cleaned Up! We Can Do It!

MOUNTAIN AREA — It’s the weekend. You’d love to be hiking or fishing, hanging out at the lake, or just relaxing with a good book.

But with the overwhelming number of jobs that need doing around the house, you’re likely falling way behind on weedeating, hauling things away, sprucing up the property, and splitting up wood from all those dead and downed trees.

If you’ve been considering calling for help with all these chores, we have a plan. Call Dianne Conway.

Dianne is one hard-working woman, and so many of those who have hired her to do jobs around their homes are willing and anxious to sing her praises and recommend her to their friends.

Dianne and her team will split your downed trees, haul debris to the dump, stack wood, mow and weedeat, remove brush, limb up your trees, spray Roundup on your poison oak, set up or repair drip irrigation systems, strip and paint your deck… if it needs doing, they will get it done.

Bob McKee, owner of North Fork Hardware, says he would hire Dianne for any project.

“I have personally hired the team to do roof repairs, weedeating, property clearing and maintenance, plumbing and drip irrigation projects, wood stacking and splitting and hauling things away. They show up on time, and all the work is of high quality.”

Got WeedsThere are few jobs the crew won’t tackle, and Dianne won’t take on a job that’s beyond her expertise. She listens, asks questions, and makes sure the job is totally understood so there are no negative surprises for the customer.

Mary Lou Bahr says she and her husband have hired Dianne and her crew on several occasions, and have always been more than satisfied with their work. And Gina Clugston of Sierra News Online (that would be me) had the team split and pile a huge mess left by the contractors who took down a massive tree to protect the power line.

When you need work done around your house and want someone you can trust, having recommendations from your neighbors is invaluable.

Dianne charges just $15/hr. for each crew member (choose how many you need) and $25/hr. for the splitter.

Call 559-760-5231 and have your questions answered, then book an appointment to get that property cleaned up, so you can do the fun stuff!

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