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Get Ready For Coarsegold Rodeo!

COARSEGOLD – The long-standing, very popular Coarsegold Rodeo has about at least as many sides as a bale of hay. There’s Rodeo Royalty, Exceptional Kids Rodeo, food, entertainment, vendor booths, exhibits, a big dance, Cowboy Church, pancake breakfast, and throughout, there’s pro-rodeo excitement for all ages. The Coarsegold Rodeo rumbles back into town for the 63rd year this weekend. Are you ready to rodeo?

On Friday, May 1, Rodeo Royalty begins their competition at the Coarsegold Community Center, followed by all the rodeo action a town can handle on Saturday, May 2 and Sunday, May 3. As always, it goes down at Bohna Arena on Road 415, a venue known for its top-notch views and top-quality competitors.

Advance ticket purchase is $10, or $12 at the gate. Admission for kids 5-12 years is $5 per child, and parking is $2 each day. Food and drinks will be sold by the local 4-H club, and the event features other activities and attractions for children and adults, including a mechanical bull.

Bareback bronc 2 - photo courtesy of Tammi Kudra Edmonds

Visit the website loaded with useful information including schedules and a list of sponsors: www.coarsegoldrodeo.com

Gates open early and events kick off formally on Saturday with the Exceptional Kids Rodeo starting at 10:30 a.m. Check out these photographs from the 2014 Exceptional Kids Rodeo, which enjoyed hosting the most participants ever last year, and this story. The entry procession is at noon and this year includes Rodeo Royalty along with cancer survivors as the rodeo has aligned with Relay for Life fundraising for 2015. Pro-rodeo action starts at 1:30 p.m. and the dance is at 8 p.m. See the website for Sunday’s complete schedule and other details for both days.

RODEO-EVENT-SCHEDULE-SAT-MAY-2-2015Message from Jill Satterfield, Coarsegold Rodeo Board President

On behalf of the Coarsegold Rodeo Board, I would like to thank all the people that come together every year to make this rodeo happen! There are so many of you out there, the sponsors, the vendors, all of our committee members, they are the ones that come to our meetings, our work days, pick up the slack and do whatever needs to be done! I can’t express enough gratitude to all of them! Last but not least, the public that continues to come out every year to support our rodeo! We wouldn’t be able to do this without all of you!

It is my honor to be the President of this great little organization this year. The people that I have working with me make up a great team and we look forward to putting on the 2015 Coarsegold Rodeo and making it the best one yet! I am so proud to be able to say that our non-profit organization has been able to help so many kids out over the years and last year we were able to give money to all the Eastern Madera Schools, Valley Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Toys for Tots and many other organizations. That is why we do what we do.

This year we are partnering with The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life! I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am to be able to say this! Please come out this year and help us to support a wonderful organization!

We look forward to seeing you all out there this year! – Jill Satterfield, President

RODEO-EVENT-SCHEDULE-SUN-MAY-3-2015-454x1024Coarsegold Rodeo History

According to the Coarsegold Rodeo website: “There are many different opinions with regard to when the Coarsegold Rodeo began. I’ve read it began in the 20’s, the 30’s stopped for awhile and started back up in the 50’s. So for this site, we are going to go with 1952! I do know it was held at the McAllister ranch for years before moving to the Bohna ranch, where it has been held since the 1970’s! The rodeo is a member of the CCPRA “California Cowboys Professional Rodeo Association”! The Coarsegold rodeo has been put on by many different groups over the years, 10 years ago, the Coarsegold Rodeo Association, a non-profit organization was established. That non-profit has been putting on the event every year.”

Coarsegold Rodeo Association

The question was posed, what does it take to put on a rodeo? Here’s the answer, according to organizers. “It takes a man and woman named David and Pat Strimling. This couple has been associated with this rodeo in one way or another since 1988! Over the years, many organizations have run this event and about 10 years ago, Pat and David started the non-profit, The Coarsegold Rodeo Association! They are the parents of Diana and pseudo “Grandparents” to the Gibson twins, along with many of children, whose lives have been touched by them over the years! Pat has been involved with the local 4-H for many years and she believes that the children’s lives are enriched immensely by their involvement in this program.

“This rodeo couldn’t happen without the Strimlings efforts. Pat is our sponsorship and vendor chairperson. No one can compare to her when it comes down to getting a business to sponsor this event! She treats everyone like they are her friend and it shows by these businesses coming back year after year to sponsor this event! David is instrumental in getting the grounds ready year after year. He is also the person that gets our equipment donated year after year. People don’t realize that all the equipment we use that weekend is donated to us by Midland and Quinn and David is the go to guy that makes it happen! Stop by Pat’s 4-H groups Pepsi booth over the weekend and say hi.”

Poise  Personality photo by Carrie JenkinsRodeo Royalty

Rodeo Royalty holds the “Poise & Personality Contest” on Friday, May 1 at the Coarsegold Community Center at 5pm. Tri-tip dinner for $15.00 Please contact Chrissy Buckles, Royalty Coordinator, chrissybuckles@gmail.com or 559-349-7642 with any questions or for additional information. Rodeo Royalty group photo by 2015 Official Rodeo Photographer Carrie Jenkins.

Wee Princess:

Shelby Popejoy Madera Age 6
Zoe Tringali Coarsegold Age 6
Taylor Bigelow O’Neals Age 7
Paitlynn Palmer Fresno Age 6
Emily Casner Mariposa Age 7

Little Princess:

Raigan Gipson Coarsegold Age 10
Grace Nelson Coarsegold Age 11


Signe Lundstrom Fresno Age 16
Harley Gilles Prather Age 15
Victoria Smith Sonora Age 14
Katie Linderholm Coarsegold Age 14


Dana Healy Fresno Age 18

raffleRodeo Royalty are selling raffle tickets for three prizes this year, including 1st Prize (a 4-pack of Disneyland Park Hopper passes), 2nd prize (2 tickets to the Rose Bowl with $300 cash) and 3rd prize (a $300 basket from Mountain Merchants). Tickets will be available all weekend right up until the winners are picked on Sunday, according to Satterfield.

Dana Healy QueenKatie Linderholm PrincessPaitlynn Palmer Wee PrincessTaylor Bigelow Wee PrincessZoe Tringali Wee Princess

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