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Gardening & Health Open House

Submitted by Jannai Pero

OAKHURST – A hydroponic, aeroponic vertical ‘Tower Garden’ will be on display at the Yosemite Bank Community Room, on Monday April 7th from 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

This is an Open House for a new Oakhurst Chamber of Commerce Business, The Tower Garden and Juice Plus. There will be healthy snacks, information, short video presentations, and demonstrations.

The Tower Garden is the brainchild of Tim Blank who worked for Disney’s Epcot Center (an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) in Orlando, Florida.

Tim is the 
Founder and CEO, of Future Growing® and for the past nine years he has been leading the way with the Tower Garden in the local food growing movement, which has become a permanent mainstream trend in the United States.

This technology is being used around the world, on both a large and small scale for improved production and sustainable produce, and in private homes, restaurants, roof top gardens, schools, senior centers, hospitals, community gardens, and anywhere sunlight or grow lights are available.

President Bill Clinton visits the rootop Tower Garden farm during Step up On Vines grand opening - photo Tim BlankO’Hara international airport in Chicago has 25 Towers, providing over 45 types of herbs and vegetables for O’Hare restaurants and meeting the demand for fresh local produce. Former President Bill Clinton toured Future Growing’s & ‘Step up on Vine’s’ project in Los Angeles, the world’s first aeroponic rooftop garden at a housing project for the homeless. Tower Gardens will be part of the new ‘Giants Garden’, a 3,000-square-foot vertical organic garden, opening at AT&T Park in San Francisco, supplying an edible garden and community classroom.

In a world where land and resources are limited, Tower Gardens grow more food in less space by growing up (vertical), instead of out, using only 5 to 10% of the space, water and nutrition of a traditional garden. With no soil there is no weeding and virtually no bugs. Food is grown local, right where food is consumed, reducing the carbon footprint, and producing chemical-free food that tastes great, is extraordinarily fresh, and is highly nutritious!

Jannai Pero with Tower Garden at home - photo courtesy Jannai PeroThe ‘Tower Gardens’ rely on ‘aeroponics’ where water, oxygen and a mineral solution are used as a base instead of soil, allowing plants to thrive in smaller, more contained environments. These cylindrical towers allow for water to be easily circulated and recycle water and nutrients that feed the produce. This technology creates a highly oxygenated environment for optimal plant growth. Modern research has shown that increased oxygen to the root system helps to prevent disease and accelerates plant growth.

Tim Blank sold exclusive rights to the Juice Plus Company (a 40 year old debt free, International Wellness Company), to market the Tower Garden. The Juice Plus Company of Tennessee, built a Technical Training Center for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Memphis, and donated Tower Gardens for the ‘Gardens to Groceries’ culinary program. It is a sought after model with 100% placement of the graduates in jobs or college and it is the only Club in the country that offers the magnitude of services. The students grow their own produce and develop recipes for marketing at local retailers and Farmer’s Markets.

A local school in North Fork, Manzanita Community Day School, recently received a grant for a Tower Garden, and Peggy Decker, the director of the Oakhurst Boys and Girls club, would very much like a Tower Garden donated for her gardening program. Grants can often be obtained for Tower Gardens in schools as they enhance learning and increase awareness of healthier eating. Jannai and John Pero and Dan Rule at ribbon cutting - photo courtesy Jannai PeroStudies show that children who spend time growing their own produce develop a love for fruits and vegetables and healthier eating habits in general.

The Juice Plus Company also provides the nutrition of fruits and vegetables in convenient capsules, chewables and a drink mix. Children and College students may be eligible to receive Juice Plus for FREE as part of the Children’s Health Study.

So whether you are interested in improving your health or interested in seeing how hydroponics and aeroponics have revolutionized gardening, come to the Open House of a new Chamber of Commerce business. Taste and see how delicious nutrition and home grown produce can be!

For more information: 559-642-4920 or

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