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BGC Fun In Summer And Fall

OAKHURST – The summer came rushing to an end at the Oakhurst Boys & Girls Club (BGC) this year; after an eventful three months of campaigning and fundraising, Mathew Sands was named Oakhurst’s 2014 Honorary Mayor, delighting his BGC campaign team.

Mat For Mayor’s winning team was BGC Board President Melanie Barker, and Board members Eric Wood, and Bob Macaulay.

The Sierra Adventure group volunteered quite a few days at the Club the last part of summer, volunteers utilizing every activity the Club has to offer to play with the kids. Dodge ball, air hockey, billiard and bumper pool, and board game tournaments commenced, along with soccer, football, water games, sidewalk chalk art and gardening outside. Thank you all 20+ volunteers who helped out.

Ogarden towerur second and last Blackbeard’s Family Fun park trip to Fresno in late July was well represented with 25 BGC members going on the field trip. Thanks to all the parents that helped drive (in addition to our packed BGC van) and all your help at the park, the kids loved it! They are already looking forward to next summer’s field trips.

Pizza, ice cream, “Wreck It Ralph” and the game of Twister kept everyone happy, cool, and out of the smoke from the French Fire at the end of July. Thanks to Oakhurst Round Table for their monthly pizza donation. The kids had full tummies and happy smiles.

tie dyeThe National BGC Great Futures Campaign, and our annual Tie Dye Crazy day wrapped up July, with members all going home with fabulous new outfits.

The BGC kids went on one last field trip to Wild Waters Adventure Park the beginning of August, enjoying every minute of it. Thanks to all the parents that helped out with the trip.

The end of summer also brought an end to our Garden Tower and Nutrition Project. Summer BGC kids were lucky to partake in this project, inspired by an assignment for a Masters program by Rebekah Wohlgemuth, and her friend Jennai Pero.

Through a series of classes they assembled and planted the Tower Garden, watched DVDs of the Nutrition Detectives by Doctor Katz, and did projects and games like tasting fruits and vegetables with their eyes closed and guessing what types they were. The kids made small fruit refrigerator magnets to remind them to eat healthy, and learned how to create a one bowl, four ingredient, no-bake healthy snack. They all learned valuable information and had fun starting and growing seeds through to veggies. Thanks Jennai and Rebekah.

Kiwanas BBQAn epic last day of summer at BGC included a fabulous BBQ presented by our local Kiwanas Club. Thanks Bruce and all the guys and gals for your help. The kids had a blast and it was a great end to a great summer. In total through the summer Oakhurst BGC kids had 16 field trips, 3 BBQ’s, pizza and ice cream, watermelon eating, water games, soccer fun, football, arts and crafts, movies, and our garden tower project. Whew, it was amazing!

The start of the school year brought the Junction fire, and we safely evacuated 44 kids from the Club the first day of school. Things went as smoothly as possible, and although evacs brought her and a last member all the way down to the Coarsegold Senior Center by the end of the night everything had a happy ending. Thanks for the quick response of parents and all the help the day of the fire. Thoughts and prayers for those who need them, we are all thinking of you and hoping for the best outcomes.


Late August brought the 3rd installment of the 150th Yosemite National Park Grant program with Ranger Christine Raines on site. The kids learned about forest fires, prevention, and talked about everyone’s experience with the Junction Fire. Thanks firefighters and Ranger Christine. The kids also did their United We Serve Summer Creek Cleanup today and pulled out about 20 lbs. of trash from the Oakhurst Creek Parkway areas. They had lots of fun and ate cupcakes when finished. Thanks Raley’s Bakery for your Friday donations.

A busy kick off to our second week of school started with a packed game room (including our new ping pong table), our Garden Club picking all their fave organic veggies for home, and a great game of flag football.

ZooWe also hosted another visit from the Fresno Chaffee Zoo Mobile: a two-hour presentation on reptiles, amphibians, crocodiles, alligators and turtles, led by Burleigh, our amazing wildlife biologist docent. That was followed by showing the kids a 9-ft., 30 lb. Red Tailed Boa Constrictor. Our BGC members all had a blast, and we are always so grateful to have the support from the zoo to all the way up here on the mountain. Thank you Fresno Chaffee Zoo, and Burleigh.

September brings many events to Oakhurst BGC including 9/11 Day of Remembrance, BGC Day for Kids, and World Wide Day of Play. Keep in the loop via Facebook or call the Club anytime 559-642-4600.

Boys and Girls Club LogoPeggy Decker is Unit Director at the Oakhurst BGC

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