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Full Moon Tonight, Harvest Or Not

Cassandra Robinson’s moon shot, Sept. 4, 2017

NORTHERN HEMISPHERE – Reader and frequent contributor of sunsets and other nature photographs Courtney Cara dubbed it the Railroad Moon, as our big view of the light in the nighttime sky locally may be filtered through a haze of smoke due to fires burning in the Sierra.

You could call it the Mission Moon, South Fork Moon or the Peak Moon — in any case, it’s tonight. The full moon occurs technically just after midnight on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

This time of year the great orb has been known sometimes as a Green Corn Moon and a Grain Moon.

Courtney Cara took this shot and called it Railroad Moon, Sept. 2017

There seems to be a little controversy this year whether this early September moon counts as a Harvest Moon or if that title is reserved for the next full moon on Thursday, Oct. 5. Either way, we hope it’s a good moon for you.

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Source: Old Farmer’s AlmanacWikipedia

Just for fun, here’s a list of 40 Top 40 songs about the moon.

Songs about fires. Not fun, but a little diversion.

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