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Full Moon And Jupiter Light Sky Tonight

EARTH — A full moon is rising and should be visible this evening, followed by the dazzling planet Jupiter in the eastern sky after dark. The February full moon is also sometimes called the Wolf Moon, Snow Moon or Hunger Moon. According to EarthSky.org, the star above the moon and Jupiter this evening is Regulus, the brightest in the constellation Leo the Lion.

At our U.S. time zones, the moon turned full on February 22 at 10:20 a.m. PST, so by the time we see the moon tonight, it’ll be slightly past full moon. Still, an illuminated evening is expected in the foothills, where the low temperature is forecast for about 38 degrees under mostly clear skies, and the high in Oakhurst on Tuesday, Feb. 23 is predicted to be around 69 degrees.

Source: EarthSky.org

Photo taken by Astronaut Scott Kelly, July 2015

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