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Fresno State Sweet Corn Returns to Gibson Farm Market

Image of a child eating corn on the cob. The Rue and Gwen Gibson Farm Market (5368 N. Chestnut Ave.) will welcome back sweet corn lovers with their first chance this year to purchase the tasty treat at 8 a.m., Monday, May 31.

Two outside, mobile purchase stations on the north side of the store will accommodate opening day shoppers who want to purchase pre-bagged corn in quantities of 10 ears for $7, while supplies last.

Shoppers also can purchase unbagged corn for 50 cents an ear inside the market, which also has a wide variety of fresh, student-made products and produce.

“We were really happy last year on opening day with how well the outdoor stations and the pre-bagged corn worked,” said Mark Salwasser, campus farm manager. “We sold corn to over 300 people outside that first hour, so the line moved fairly quickly.”

Due to limited quantities on opening weekend, shoppers can purchase a maximum of two, 10-ear bags of corn outside the store or a maximum of 24 ears inside the market.

White corn will be available opening day, and yellow corn will follow in early June. Both are picked daily through the end of August, ensuring the freshest products possible.

Approximately 70 acres of the 1,000-acre University Agricultural Laboratory are devoted to its most popular product. Student workers and staff also thank customers for understanding that supplies can vary due to changes in weather.

The market will operate on a seven-day summer schedule starting Monday, May 31, and will be open each day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. through the Fourth of July holiday.

“For those getting ready for barbecues and get-togethers, we also have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, wine, meat and dairy products to choose from,” said Salwasser. “This is always an extra exciting time for us, and we appreciate our customers’ continued support, and especially their patience the past year.”

Customers can enjoy a mix of campus produce that currently includes cherries, apricots, peaches, cucumbers and squash. Peppers, plums, nectarines and tomatoes will likely arrive in early June, and other commodities like table grapes will follow in July.

The Fresno State Winery will offer a 10 percent off special on its white and rosé wines starting Friday, May 28, through the end of June, including its newly released 2020 Syrah Rosé. Customers can also enjoy its Tailgate Red, White and Rosé wines in cans that are ideal for summer BBQs, picnics and other outdoor activities.

“This time of year is the perfect time to stock up on rosé and white wines,” said Kevin Smith, winery sales and marketing director. “Our campus corn pairs well with our light and peppery Tempranillo and fruity Malbec red wines, as well as all three of our Tailgate wines, which are carefully blended with a subtle complexity with easy sipping approachability.”

Popular meat products at the market include over 30 varieties of sausages, dried artisan-style salami and snack products, as well as popular meat cuts.

The campus creamery will sell half gallons of whole and chocolate milk, ice cream and cheese. Nut and candy products are also available.

Outdoor plant seedlings, indoor plants and sunflower bouquets are available from the campus horticulture nursery.

A special information booth will feature the new Fresno State “Ag in a Bag” for families looking for fun, educational activities. The kit includes agricultural and food science handouts, non-perishable ingredients, supplies and links to virtual sessions aimed at ages 7 to 11.

Following current COVID-19 pandemic government health standards, some social distancing measures are still in place and include:

• Only one customer will be allowed to shop per bin at a time.
• Face masks are required while shopping indoors or outside.
• Use sanitizer stations before picking corn out of bins at either location. Do not shuck or peel back the corn, or put corn back in bins.
• Student workers sanitize the store regularly and wear face masks. Plexiglas protectors are installed at each cash register.
• Organized waiting lines for shopping will be staged outside the store in wrap-around fashion with predetermined spacing to facilitate social distancing and customer safety.

More information on current produce and store specials is available at the Gibson Farm Market Facebook page or by calling 559-278-4511.

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