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Free Late Summer Garden Workshop

OAKHURST – It’s time for another free Oakhurst Garden Club workshop at True Value Home Center on Sunday, Aug. 11.

This month’s topic is “Caring for Your Late Summer Garden.”

The interactive talk will be held inside True Value in the Home and Garden department and begins at 1 p.m. The event is free and participants will be given a 10% discount coupon for any plant in the store.

Some people may stop by for the useful information and store discount, while others may just be wanting to say “Hi” to workshop leader Sue Langely, who left her long-time True Value post at the end of June in order to spend more time on her blossoming Flea Market Gardening website.

Kellies late summer garden 2013 - Photo by Kellie FlanaganSue is writing about three articles a week for Flea Market Gardening, along with a newsletter, and yet she still has time to manage her Sierra Foothills Garden site and spend some time at True Value sharing her vast knowledge of all things green and groovy.

Sue plans to cover such topics as watering your foothill garden by hand or using drip systems, and tips for watering during vacations.

The primer will also cover the best hot weather flowers to plant now and will focus on summer garden challenges. The folks at True Value also ask the leading question, “how is your vegetable garden doing?”

We talked to Sue in advance of the workshop to get a little fresh insight on what she plans to reveal.

Kellies late summer garden 2013 3 - wild flowers from seed from True Value - Photo by Kellie Flanagan“The main priority this time of year is giving plants adequate water, so that’s why we’ll talk about drip systems,” says the garden expert. “Planting is less of an activity and it’s mostly about maintaining the plants in this heat. Trees, especially non-natives, need deep watering once a week.”

If you’ve been at all concerned about how all this smoke from the Aspen fire may be affecting your garden, fear not. Sue says it’s not a problem for plants at this point, despite how smoke may disturb humans physically, it’s not bothering the health of your plants.

On the other hand, if you’re wondering, for instance, why your tomato plant is forming flowers but not tomatoes, bring that question along with any others to Sue.

Nick snuck into the garden - Kellies garden - 2013 - Photo by Kellie FlanaganFor more information contact True Value Home Center located at 40596 Westlake Drive off Highway 49 in Oakhurst,

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