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Free Hazardous Waste Disposal Day

OAKHURST – Poke your head under the sink, check your garage and peek into your storage shed. If you see empty cans of paint, old oil filters, solvents, needles or any of a host of hazardous materials and want to get rid of them, you’re in luck.

You can shed much of your excess household toxic waste on Saturday, June 15, at Yosemite High School (YHS) located at 50200 Road 427 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.The one-day Household Hazardous Waste Event is sponsored by Madera County and free to County residents. None of the items listed for potential free disposal should be placed in home drains, storm drains or septic tank. Instead, toxic or hazardous chemicals must be transported with care and disposed of responsibly, as is the case when disposing through the County round-up at YHS.

Items commonly found in the garage that may qualify for disposal include automotive remnants such as motor oil, oil filters, antifreeze, and brake fluid. Florescent lamps and tubes, and items containing mercury will also be accepted.

From the garden, hazardous waste worth getting rid of includes insect spray, weed killers, pool chemicals and pesticides.

In the house, be on the lookout for old cleaning products that are ammonia based, drain cleansers, aerosol cans, oven cleaners and spot removers.

A safe workshop would eliminate old wood preservatives, solvents, art supplies including paint, paint remover, and photographic chemicals.

If you have archaic or non-working electronics to dispose of, the county team of experts will take televisions, computers, VCRs and accessories.

While household needles, lancets and syringes are part of the hazardous waste round-up and are acceptable, the following materials will not be taken in: medical waste, radioactive material, or large compressed gas cylinders.

Quantities are limited to 15 gallons liquids or 12 pounds solids per trip.

For more information contact the county at (559) 675-7817, or click here for the flier.

Madera County Website

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