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Free Brush Chipping In Fish Camp

FISH CAMP – Create defensible space around your home with some help from the Mariposa Fire Safe Council. They are offering free chipping of brush, limbs and small trees that you have cleared from your property in creating 100 ft. of space around your home.

Chipping dates for Fish Camp are Monday and Tuesday, July 7 and 8.

The piles can be no larger than 4′ x 5′ with the cut ends facing within 5 feet of the drive or roadway as shown in this picture. The chips will be hauled away for safe disposal.

Butt ends towards the road for brush chippingNo piles of trash needles or cones will be disposed of in this program, only chipable ladder fuel, limbs and brush up to 5 inches at the butt end.

If you are unable to clear your own property or have needle piles, the Mariposa Fire Safe Council suggests you call a local tree service. If you are financially unable to clear your property, contact the Fire Safe Council for an online application form at www.mariposafiresafe.net.

To notify the Fire Safe Council for free chipping, call 209-966-7700 or email matkinson_mcfsc@live.com with your name and address in Fish Camp, phone number and email address, and let them know that you need chipping.

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