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Free Book Download From Local Author

Local author, columnist and former DJ and producer Peter Cavanaugh is offering a free download of his book Local DJ until midnight on Wednesday, July 9.

At the age of sixteen in 1957, Peter C. Cavanaugh enjoyed a 58 percent total audience share on his hometown station, WNDR in Syracuse, New York. Decades later, he wrote Local DJ a book about his adventures ever since, promoting and producing literally hundreds of early concerts with the likes of Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Kiss and so on, as well as running Reams Broadcasting a seven station radio group which included the top-rated Rock & Roll stations in America.

In the early ’80’s, Cavanaugh is credited with introducing Michael Moore to “an unsuspecting public” over WTAC and WWCK in Flint, Michigan.

Mr. Cavanaugh, a multiple award winning broadcast executive, is prominently featured in Cleveland’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Peter CavanaughAs a special “Fourth of July” thank you from Peter Cavanaugh for all the support through the years, and in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the last “Wild Wednesday” at Sherwood Forest on June 26, 1974, a free download of his book is now available.

Local DJ – At A Glance – The Digital Edit, is available in all digital formats free of charge until midnight Wednesday, July 9 at

“Following the original publication of Local DJ in 2002 and a subsequent “Tenth Anniversary Digital Update” in 2012, I was urged to edit select sections from the book dealing primarily with Flint Rock & Roll history for my friend, Vince Lorraine,” says Cavanaugh, “such to be run as monthly columns in his classy ‘My City’ magazine commencing in September of 2013.”

“With the last chapter, Epilogue: Toledo and Beyond having been released in the July 2014 issue and after receiving outstanding response to the columns and hearing from dozens of old friends and scores of new ones, I have been encouraged to digitally publish the series as Local DJ At A Glance.”

Cavanaugh says the “Digital Compression Edit” ruthlessly slashes 126,535 words in the expanded “Tenth Anniversary Update” to 14,376 – in the process providing a significantly more time-efficient presentation that is substantially more “family friendly” as well.

“Left behind are hundreds of sordid highlights and amazingly wild tales of sex, drugs and Rock & Roll the more adventurous ‘At a Glance’ readers can easily discover elsewhere,” he says. “This is for all the Moms and Dads who had to leave the room when ‘Buffalo Dick’ was on the air. And aging children everywhere.”

Credit: My City Magazine

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