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Free Art Class For Kids Is Melissa’s Legacy

melissa-regalado-sle-minarets-2016-congratulationsO’NEALS — Senior year is one of the most memorable years for a high schooler. It gives us, the students, a chance to transition from the classroom into the world. We finally get to decide what path we are going to take and get a glance of what we are going to become after graduating.

As many high schools do, Minarets gives seniors the opportunity to connect and help our community by creating a Senior Legacy Experience (SLE).

Each student has to put together a project to impact our society in a positive way, whether that is by executing a fundraiser for a specific cause or creating an event that will bring our community closer together.

My name is Melissa Regalado and, as a senior at Minarets High School, I get to be part of this memorable tradition and leave my legacy behind.

melissa-regalado-sle-minarets-2016-art-class-posterMy life growing up was based on an artistic environment; my mom was a dance teacher and my grandmother and aunts have always been amazing artists. Through the years, I have been involved in countless art classes from the basic techniques to complex ceramics.

Last year, I was honored to receive Minarets 2015-2016 Best of the Best All Around Artist award. This made me realize how much art has influenced my life and, if it weren’t for my family’s artistic influence, I would not be where I am now.

This moment inspired me to create a free kids art course for my SLE, giving kids in our community the opportunity to try something new. I want to give kids a space where they can create and express themselves while having a structured lesson plan.

melissa-regalado-sle-minarets-2016-young-students-at-tableThis is more than just a free art class. Within the curriculum I created for the class, I include diverse lessons about the respect for nature and animals as well as the importance of recycling and reusing waste.

The reason I am including these factors is because I am an animal lover and plan on becoming a veterinarian in the future. Also, pollution is a huge problem affecting environments all around the world. By encouraging kids to respect animals and reuse and recycle through their art projects, they might continue doing so after the class.

melissa-regalado-sle-minarets-2016-painted-faceI also include psychomotor development exercises that contain music and rhythm, textures, and the difference between short term and long term projects. My mom has the equivalent to a master’s degree in children’s psychomotor skills and development and created a preschool in Mexico. Her knowledge has helped me elaborate on ideas for the class.

I am trying to give children in our community the most I can offer in the course’s length of 10 one-hour classes for 10 weeks in a row. When the course concludes, there will be an art exhibit where all the student work will be showcased to our community. I plan on making it completely free as well, so anyone can have the opportunity to view the class’ progress.

melissa-regalado-sle-minarets-2016-students-at-spin-art-604x330I am very excited to execute my plans and to be able to meet and make friends along the way. This will be one of the greatest things I will ever accomplish in my high school career and I am looking forward to learning from the experience.

Melissa’s free Kids Art Course for kids from 3rd to 6th grade will take place over ten weeks from October 2016 through January 2017. The one-hour classes will be held at the club house at Yosemite Lakes Park.

Interested families should please plan to attend a parent meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 12 at Minarets High School in room 303.

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