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Four Arrested After Night Of Vandalism

MARIPOSA COUNTY – A group of partying teens are now behind bars after breaking into two homes and destroying the contents during a night of destruction that ended in four arrests.

Mariposa County deputies arrested one adult and three juveniles in connection with two residential and one commercial burglary, along with the theft of an Off Highway Vehicle (OHV).

Ransacked living room - photo Mariposa Co Sheriff

Mariposa County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a possible residential burglary in the Slaughterhouse Road area of Mariposa County on Saturday, Mar. 21. Deputies contacted the homeowner who stated that her two vacation homes had been broken into and vandalized.

Upon arrival at the property, deputies found the main residence interior had been completely ransacked. All windows and mirrors had been shattered; furniture, clothes and dishes were thrown and damaged throughout the residence, and the TV and stereo system were both smashed.

Ransacked bedroom - photo Mariposa Co SheriffThe second residence on the property also had all windows broken, and clothes and furniture thrown throughout. Several vehicles on the property showed signs of being tampered with and many had broken windows.

Following evidence found at the scene, including a wallet with identification, deputies contacted one adult male – Tyler Cole, 19, of Mariposa – three juvenile males and one juvenile female.

Storage area - photo Mariposa Co SheriffThe investigation showed that on the evening of Mar. 20, the group had met at a juvenile party and decided to go to the homes on Slaughterhouse Road to burglarize and vandalize the property.

They also stole an OHV quad from the property, riding it down county roads and eventually stashing it in an area off Allred Road, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The group then reportedly burglarized the Bootjack Market, stealing alcohol and other items.

Tyler ColeThree juvenile males were booked into the Mariposa County Juvenile Hall for burglary and other charges.

Tyler Cole was arrested on charges of 459 Burglary, Vandalism and Conspiracy. Cole is currently being held on $75,000 bail.

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