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Great River Cleanup Oakhurst, 2017, credit Sandy Brinley

Found: 33 Bags Of Trash And Beethoven’s 9th

OAKHURST — As part of the Annual Great Sierra River Cleanup, 18 people showed up to help beautify their surroundings along the Oakhurst River Parkway, for the special event on Saturday, Sept. 9.

This is the ninth year that the Oakhurst River Parkway Committee has participated. Among others, the 2017 teams included Rotarians who came out to support their community by assisting in picking up all kinds of trash, in sizes big and small.

Together these hard-working volunteers picked up 33 large garbage bags of trash that ranged from cigarette butts to tires, parts of broken picnic tables, and even remainders of the floating yurts from the floods earlier this year.

The winner for the most unusual item found was not holding the turkey roaster or the coffee urn, but an unopened vinyl record of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

There also was a scooter picked up that was donated to the Boys and Girls Club.

Oakhurst River Parkway was built for the community, when citizens of Oakhurst and several state and federation organizations put plans into action in 1992 to establish this set of trails running alongside the Fresno River and its tributaries which pass through the town.

“It is an ecological paradise in the midst of one of the Sierra Nevada’s most active tourism and residence areas close to Yosemite National Park, Bass Lake and other recreational opportunities.”

Anytime, you can visit the Oakhurst River Parkway Trail website for a handy ECO-WALK checklist. Study it in advance of your visit or print it and bring it with you. “We think you’ll be surprised at how many of our valued creatures you already know about!”

Oakhurst River Parkway Cleanup This Saturday

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