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Forrest Kirk Lewis

Dearest Friends and Family,

Our dear Forrest has died. He was brother, son, partner, father, friend, nephew, cousin, coworker, big help and smile bringer to many of us. He died suddenly, collapsing into Aimee’s arms. Although his time on Earth was way too short, he left from a place of good health and happiness, having achieved most recently great satisfaction with projects on his land.


Forrest Lewis

Listed below are a few ways to memorialize Forrest. If you are on the West Coast, there will be a circle at Three Springs. On the East Coast, Forrest’s old friend Tommy Donohue is putting something together. For those of you on other continents and in between, please take a moment to look up at the stars, with a reflection.

This Saturday, July 7th, 4:30 – 8:30 PM (3:00 PM for Tie-Dye)
Memorial at Three Springs
59820 Italian Bar Road, North Fork, CA 93643

3:00 PM You may come early for a memorial tie-dye session (bring your own cotton items).
5:00 PM Gather for pot-luck
6:30 PM Circle, followed by procession with musical instruments up to Forrest’s land, 1/2 mile walk. Returning to Three Springs at sunset.
8:30 PM Jam afterwards for those who wish to stay.

Please bring a rock for creating a cairn at Whiskey Heights. A cairn is an assemblage of rocks, associated with Hermes, the god of overland travel.

Remembrance on the East Coast
Contact Tommy Donahue will be putting together a commemoration with music, root beer and sweet words in a location that will be utterly suitable remembering Forrest – or as some may recall him as Tyco. Tommy: gusmasonus2012@yahoo.com

Post Cards to Dylan
Forrest’s son Dylan has just turned 18 and graduated High School. Dylan has only heard a sampling of many of the stories that make up the colorful tapestry of Forrest’s life of travel throughout the US, concerts, festivals, projects, inventions and connection with friends. Please consider writing an anecdote or memory on a post card so that we may create a collection for Dylan.
Send to:
Dylan Cokley c/o Lewis
PO Box 2413
Sebastopol, CA 95473

Become a Organ Donor
As many of you know Forrest was the recipient of a liver transplant, and we were blessed to have had him for 12 extra years. Please consider registering to become a donor, and most importantly speak to your family members about your wishes.

Naming a Star
Many friends have connected with Forrest thru astronomy. For those interested in the possiblility of naming a star after him – contact Jade Livingston at: sfscifi@yahoo.com

For the first week of July immediate family will be staying in Oakhurst at 40093 Hillsborough Loop, and then returning to Sebastopol July 8th
Heidi can be contacted via text/cel at 415 533 0689 or heidi@newdiligence.com
Sean at 415 533 6849 – sean@newdiligence.com
Maggi and Jerry’s address is 760 Robinson Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472
Aimee Smith’s address is 43161 E. Sugar Pine Dr, Oakhurst CA 93644 and aimeeleigh1209@gmail.com

Accommodations and Transportation in North Fork / Oakhurst
There may be limited rooms available hotels due to the holiday weekend. For out of town friends who need a place, please contact sean@newdiligence.com who has a list of couches to flop on and modest cabins to rent.

Photos of Forrest
Forrest had many circles of friends. For updates and a place to post pictures etc please visit the-soon-to-be live: http://www.northforkinternet.com/forrest

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