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Former Mayor Involved In Traffic Accident

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 – Former Honorary Mayor Rima Runtzel was involved in a traffic collision in Oakhurst early this afternoon.

According to eyewitnesses, Rima was traveling South on Hwy 41 in the left hand lane approaching the stoplight at the intersection of Highways 41 & 49 when a red pickup pulled out of the McDonald’s parking lot, attempting to make a left hand turn. Runtzel’s vehicle was hit almost head-on.

The eyewitness said that Runtzel was shaken up and had bumps and bruises but otherwise appeared to beRima 2 7-18-12 okay. She was examined by emergency personnel but was not transported to the hospital.

Traffic was stopped on both Highway 41 and 49 for about 15 minutes.Rimas Accident 3 7-18-12


  1. Rhonda Salisbury

    So glad you’re okay Rima.

  2. I am back to work today and feeling better. I am so blessed to have not had any major injuries. Swelling and soreness have mostly subsided and the bruises are reaching their peak. I truly appreciate all of the support and well wishes I have received from so many in this amazing community. Thank you

    P.S. If you really want to make me feel better, purchase tickets for the Magic Show on August 3rd to benefit the Boys & Girls Club! My son Jeff will be one of the member performers in the show!

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