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Flea Market Pumpkins: Crazy Love

17 Awesomely Different Pumpkin Ideas from Flea Market gardeners

Real or plastic, all white , steam punk, repurposed and upcycled, cement or even paper, we love using pumpkins and making pumpkins and decorating with pumpkins. I haven’t quite figured out how Simply Bungalow made or acquired those cement pumpkins, but I intend to find out. And, I’ll let you know, for sure when I do! See what you think of all these and comment below!

Jeanne Sammons' classy cucurbits

Jeanne Sammons’ classy cucurbits

Ann Elias's white collection

Ann Elias’s white collection

Marie's ghostly gourds and graniteware

Marie’s ghostly gourds and graniteware

Simply Bungalow's curvy kick-proof pumpkins

Simply Bungalow’s curvy kick-proof pumpkins

Yep, these are the ones….Does anyone know how these were made? I’m thinking rope wrapped around, but how? I need to know!

Jeanie Merritt' literary pumpkin

Jeanie Merritt’ literary pumpkin

Jeanie Merritt: “I’m getting ready to make some more “literary” pumpkins!! Made these last year and they were a hit with friends and family, and so easy to do… I used old paperback books that I bought at yard sales, cut the pages in small strips and modge podged the pieces on to a 50 cent fake pumpkin bought at the dollar store.. Many use a cinnamon stick for the stem, but I liked using a real piece of branch!!! Add a little Spanish moss, and you just “antiqued” a pumpkin! Looks great in a tabletop vignette.”

Steampunk Fun

Marie Niemann's steampunk punks

Marie Niemann’s steampunk punks

Sue Gerdes's steampunk gourd

Sue Gerdes’s happy steampunk gourd

Zee Mink-fuller 'a studious steampunkins

Zee Mink-fuller ‘a studious steampunkins

Organized Clutter's squished squash

Organized Clutter’s squished squash

Kathy Sine's dish-y pumpkin

Kathy Sine’s dish-y pumpkin, made from a discarded Direct TV dish.

Unreal Easy

Some of these, anyone can do, …and I mean anyone!

    Darnell Fugate simply sticks mums in a plastic trick or treater

Darnell Fugate simply sticks mums in a plastic trick or treater

Darnell Fugate: Really easy and simple 10 minute job… I did not use a real pumpkin but purchased one of those pumpkin trick or treat buckets the kids collect their candy in. I drilled drainage holes in the bottom and re-potted the mums. This time it will not rot like the real pumpkin did and I can reuse it year after year.

Jerr Clark's line-up of cabbage heads

Jerr Clark’s line-up of cabbage heads

Yvonne Pepsin's tipsy pumpkins

Yvonne Pepsin’s vertically challenging pumpkins

Yvonne Pepsin: You drill holes (2) put wire on and twist to secure for each pot. Anchor with a piece of wood laid at bottom and a steel rod (anything you can attach to wood and pumpkin) going through it and bolted and also at base of bottom pumpkin.. Soil or dirt in pot helps to balance it.

Brian Stephan's spooky, snaky pumpkins

Brian Stephan’s spooky, snaky pumpkins

Sue Norton's saved pumpkin stems

Sue Norton’s saved pumpkin stems

Vickie Brewer candy corn pumpkin

Vickie Brewer candy corn pumpkin!

Debra Clark's photo,...a field pumpkin

Debra Clark’s photo,…a field pumpkin

Ammie Peters ventilator pumpkin

Ammie Peters ventilator pumpkin

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