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Flea Market Holiday Gardening


There’s no reason to stop decorating when you reach the back door. Continue right out into the garden! Many holiday decorations can transition easily into ‘gifts’ for the birds, as in decorated trees, or can act as focal points that add some color to a snowy or barren garden scene. It really makes decorating fun when it’s this simple! And festive! See what these clever garden crafters have done.

Christal O'Connor's sled and wagon

Christal O’Connor‎ says, “Here’s my wagon all decked out for Christmas.”


Christal O'Connor porch vignette

Christal shows us, “Here’s one more scene of my front porch decor. Merry Christmas everyone!”


Christal O'Connor's rustic holiday tree

“I love to get ideas, Christal says, “from all the Flea Market Gardening friends, I hope you all don’t mind having your ideas “borrowed.” I love your site!”

Christal,…we love having ‘our’ ideas borrowed! That’s what we do at Flea Market Gardening!


Teri Smith‎'s starry gardn

Teri Smith‎ describes how a star ‘appeared’ above her garden. “I found a picture that I loved of a star. As I was decorating outdoors for Christmas I showed it to my husband and this is what he came up with! He got out our big ladder and climbed up in our old cherry tree. From there he ran strings of garland lights down to the porch post. It’s beautiful and bright and I think he did a wonderful job. Ta da!”


Beth Reis transformed a vintage sled

Beth Reis tells us “One of my favorite ‘upcycles’ is this sled I painted. I bought it at a flea market for $15.00!”


Billie Hayman‎'s rustic red toolbox

Billie Hayman‎ says,” This is an old tool box tray now an understated Christmas village for my porch.”


Billie Hayman’s very festive porch

Billie HaymanFront porch sittin’ even during the holidays!”


A mailbox outside Billie Hayman‎'s shed

Billie Hayman tells us, “My potting shed mailbox is ready for Santa, complete with a list! I am waiting on a neighbor who’s bringing me some holly to add.” It definitely gives you a warm feeling just by looking at it, we think!


Kit Bratt Here's my Christmas garden tree


Ammie Peters decorated he vintage garden truck

Ammie PetersOld Mater has been hijacked by a Crazed Snowman with all his Christmas loot in the back!”


Linda Gladman's Christmas garden

“Another pretty morning …” Linda Gladman says, modestly in the extreme after sharing this Flea Market vignette of her Christmas garden in the snow.


Linda Gladman‎'s festive bowl

Linda says “Here is my Christmas “Mini-Garden” … even including Gnomes. I love cobalt blue It actually has live plants behind the “arbor” so it is in soil then I put a layer of epsom salts mixed with decorative sand.”


Linda Gladman's blue 'ornamental' tree

Linda created this recycled wood tree. “I love blue … this is a simple project I made using reclaimed wood and mini Christmas ornaments. I used my GE II Silicone to glue the ornaments on.”


Nancy K. Meyer's daughter wrapped her door

Nancy K. Meyer says, happily,“My daughter’s garage door is ready for Winter. I gave her the bedspring wreath, she did the rest. I love that she caught the FMG bug!”


Tonya Fennig's simple centerpiece

Tonya Fennig‎ made a clever candle display from a vintage wooden Pepsi box, the kind with small compartments. She says, “I just made this in about ten minutes time and that includes finding all items needed. The simple things she chose included candles, pinecones, greenery and little glass canning jars.”


Chere Smith's lantern over an arrangement of succulents

Chere Smith “I grow the succulents in our greenhouse and love planting them in recycled containers.”


Diana's DIY Den & Treasure Showcase‎ and her terracotta trees

Diana from Diana’s DIY Den & Treasure Showcase‎ explains, “I love aged terra cotta pots and there’s no reason to let them sit empty all winter…. because they make great ‘trees!’

I love the natural patina of aged pots, but you could paint them if you like ~ moss pots would look awesome too! Hope you like them!”


Myra Glandon‎'s wreath is a star

Myra Glandon‎ shows us, “Our Christmas wreath using last year’s wreath, is a newly made lath star, with berries and bells.”


Sue Jordan‎'s simple-to-make snowman

Sue Jordan‎ “The grandkids helped ‘build’ a snowman for the porch.” Sue’s snowman consists of a white plastic bag stuffed with paper and fitted between the milkcan and its ‘tophat’ A face was created by the kids and “Voila!”


Kirk Willis‎'s holiday vignette

Kirk Willis says, “My winter front porch display in a wagon I found at a thrift store “as is”. One wooden wheel was broken but it was easily repaired.. The greenery is from our woods.”


Our Fairfield Home & Garden‎'s clever Christmas trees

Barb Rosen from Our Fairfield Home & Garden says, “This Fall, don’t put the pots away, make a display! The stars were yard sale finds. Happy Winter Gardening to Sue and FMG!”

For more inspiration on creating your own eclectic garden, visit http://www.fleamarketgardening.org

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