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Flag Barn on Highway 41, photo by Susanne Waite

Flag Barn Property Sold To Community Medical Centers

MADERA COUNTY — The land surrounding an iconic red, white and blue flag-painted barn on Highway 41 has been sold, with long-term future plans to turn the property into a much-needed hospital for the area.

“We’re thrilled that Community Medical Centers (CMC) has purchased our 200-acre flag barn property at the northeast corner of Highway 41 and Avenue 12,” McCaffrey Homes announced this week.

“For generations, our family has been deeply involved in Madera and Fresno Counties. We are committed to strengthening the communities we build in with a single, overriding goal: to build strong communities for better lives.

“Many of you are familiar with our flag barn, which has become somewhat of an icon to those of us who live here. We painted it in stars and stripes in the days after 9/11 to express our love of country during a difficult time. This land surrounding the barn is profoundly meaningful to us, and has always held the promise of becoming something great.”

McCaffrey says that CMC plans to eventually build a facility to meet the region’s future healthcare needs in that corridor of Madera County, within the Rio Mesa Area Plan. The area is also where the new Riverstone community is situated and where McCaffrey’s upcoming new master planned community of Tesoro Viejo will be.

“CMC’s presence there will be an enormous asset to the residents of Madera County, and we’re extremely pleased that we could be a part of this important step for their organization. We couldn’t have asked for better owners, who are just as proud as we were to hold such a landmark property. As we bid a fond farewell to our beloved flag barn property, we do so with hope – knowing that the future of this land will be a great benefit to the surrounding communities for generations to come.”

The question on the minds of many may be, “what will happen to the barn?” The answer comes from District 1 Supervisor Brett Frazier, who says that the barn will not be torn down.

“Community has said that they want it to be incorporated into their overall design,” Frazier notes with reassurance. “It will probably have to be moved due to the Caltrans realignment, though. Community Medical Centers knows how important that flag barn is to our community.”

Source: McCaffrey Homes, A New Vision For the Flag Barn

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