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First, Last And Only Supermoon Of ’17 (But More To Come)

NORTHERN HEMISPHERE – Overnight on Saturday, Dec. 2 we get to experience a supermoon — the first, last and only this year.

When the moon reaches its full phase at the closest point to Earth along the satellite’s elliptical orbit, causing la luna to look bigger and about 30 percent brighter in the sky, that’s a supermoon — according to NASA.

Precisely speaking, the moon is full at 7:47 a.m. PST. on Sunday, Dec. 3 and will appear full starting Saturday night. Earlier this week, it was already close and bright enough to burst through curtains like a spotlight. The forecast for the area tonight is partly cloudy, and on Sunday it’s expected to be pretty clear.

The Virtual Telescope Project in Rome is offering an online viewing of the supermoon.

While it’s the only supermoon of 2017, this will be the first of three supermoons in a row. January 2018 will see two full moons — one on Tuesday, Jan 2 and another on Wednesday, Jan. 31 – both also count as supermoons. The Jan. 31 appearance will be a Blue Moon, since it’s the second full moon in the month.

But wait, there’s more!

Jan. 31, 2018 will be a super Blue Moon eclipse.

Source: EarthSky.org

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