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Firefighters Don't Get A Break – Another Fire In YLP

COARSEGOLD – If firefighters hadn’t had a tough enough day, they were dispatched to yet another wildfire at 6:55 p.m., again burning in the Yosemite Lakes Park area. And again, just off Revis Road.

As the now-familiar plume of smoke rose above the community, residents gathered all along the roadways to watch and worry about the latest in a rash of fires over the past month.

Retardant dropThis fire was burning in the same area as the blazes firefighters dealt with on May 18 and 22 – just behind homes at the end of Revis Circle East, and just south of there along Revis Road.

The plume of smoke could be seen from all over the area, and was called in by someone on John Muir Road.

Once again, crews hit the fire hard and fast, with help from the air in the form of retardant drops, and a helicopter dousing the leading edge with water from a pond across the road.

Parkway fireFirefighters staged at a home off Revis Road, where horses in corrals were being checked on by a neighbor. The homeowner arrived to deal with the situation, but with crews holding the line, there was no need to evacuate.

Engines also lined the driveway at a home on Revis Circle East, staging at the same residence they used on May 22.

Helicopter water dropIn fact, the two May fires and today’s fire were all in the same area. The difference was that this one grew to 10 acres before forward progress was stopped.

Madera County Fire Engines #8, 10 and 16 responded, along with Water Tenders #13 and 17, Dozer #4245, Cal Fire Engines #4255, 4285, 4292, 4295, 4362, 4373, 4382, plus Mount Bullion Crews #3 and 5. Many of these crews had been working all day on the three other fires in the area.

Though we have no reports of any injuries, one firefighter was stung by a scorpion. No structures were damaged.

Water Tender 17

Revis Road was closed for several hours as exhausted firefighters got equipment in place for yet another long night in YLP.


  1. I have relatives there please keep us updated—thanks so much–

  2. These aren’t coincidental, I think we all need to keep our eyes open for some wierdo getting his jollies lighting all these fires.

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