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‘Fire Resilient Madera’ Workshop Set for Friday in Oakhurst

OAKHURST — Yosemite/Sequoia Resource Conservation & Development Council will be hosting a “Fire Resilient Madera” workshop at the Oakhurst Library this week.

The event takes place on Friday (Feb. 7) from 1 to 4 p.m. and all mountain area community members are invited to attend.

The program, developed under the Madera Strategic Wildfire Mitigation Project, is meant to seek public input as to where fuel breaks should be implemented — and to develop a plan.

A series of workshops also will be held in the coming months and public participation is key to the success of the program. The first workshop was held in September 2019.

The Madera Strategic Wildfire Mitigation Project will fund five to seven fuel break and fuel reduction projects in Eastern Madera County over the next three years.

Treatments will vary based on fuel types and conditions (slope, elevation, etc.) but could include tree felling, mechanical or hand crew thinning, chipping and pile burning to accomplish public safety and fuel reduction goals.

“With the community’s help, we can identify priority areas to implement strategic fuel breaks and fuel reduction projects in and around our communities,” said a press release from Yosemite/Sequoia RC & DC promoting this week’s workshop.

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