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Take me home! On Saturday, June 1, you can adopt me for FREE!

Find a Friend—CA Adopt-a-Pet Day

AHWAHNEE—Do you need a new friend? Want a hiking buddy? Looking for a couch potato? Actually, who doesn’t want at least one of those? Here’s your chance to get one for FREE!

Furry friends come in all shapes, sizes and ages, from large and loveable to cute and cuddly. From feline to canine. All you have to do is show up . . . and fall in love.

First-Ever California Adopt-a-Pet Day

The first-ever California Adopt-a-Pet Day takes place on Saturday, June 1, in participating animal shelters throughout the state, including our own EMC SPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center. This special day features more than 150 California animal welfare sites where dogs and cats will be available for immediate adoption. Among the participating shelters statewide, free adoptions are available for 2,024 shelter pets.

Teamed Up

CalAnimals, the ASPCA, and San Francisco SPCA have teamed up to promote the human-animal bond across California. As a result of this powerful partnership, the first-ever California Adopt-a-Pet Day has been organized to raise awareness and make pet adoptions affordable and accessible.

This event is the outcome of collaboration between these leading organizations in animal welfare. It aims to help animals find loving homes.

If you’ve been putting off bringing an animal into your life because you felt you couldn’t afford the adoption fees, this is the opportunity you’ve sought. This could be especially enticing to seniors who would relish having an animal for companionship but just don’t have the budget to accommodate the initial cost.

Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated, Microchipped

All adoptees will be able to go home with their new pet parents that day and will already be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, all at no charge. 

The EMC SPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center is located at 43180 Highway 49, Ahwahnee, CA  93601. Regular hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday 10 am to 4pm, closed Sundays.

Contact them at (559) 404-0925.



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