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Ferguson Fire News – Behind The Scenes In Lush Meadows

Submitted by Jeannie Harsha –

Angela Adamcik – photo courtesy of Jeannie Harsha

MARIPOSA COUNTY – Smokey sunrises, fiery front-page photos, convoys of fire trucks and personnel – we see these every day in our foothill communities of late.

I love the signs of support for our fire crews and law enforcement along the local routes that I travel. They like it, too. Some of them have told me how much.

How do I encounter fire personnel? Well here’s a behind-the-scenes story, of which, I’m sure there are plenty!

I live in the Lush Meadows community off of Triangle Road. We were one of the communities that eventually were evacuated because of the Ferguson Fire. Before the evac happened though, some of my neighbors had a strong desire to support our front-line men and women and all of the support crew.

Angela Adamcik headed up this effort and did an amazing job of getting the word out to our neighbors and gathering supplies – food, water and sundries – and staffing our local clubhouse 24/7 for crews and LE to stop by for R&R, refreshments, bathroom breaks or even just rest on a cot for a time.

The clubhouse became a neighborhood hub for locals to get updated information as well. We even had people from YLP, who’d collected money from their neighborhood, bought supplies at Costco and came to our clubhouse to deliver them.

Catherine Burke-Prater runs our neighborhood website and became Angela’s right-hand woman. They’ve filled in shifts that were vacant to keep it open for crews 24/7. Many kind folks in our neighborhood volunteered or donated supplies.

Nearly 200 fire and support crew have been served. They most appreciate the bathrooms and, of course, the kindness of strangers. This effort was no small thing but is an important way to show our thanks for these men and women battling the ferocious Ferguson Fire.

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