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Favorite Crossing Guard Graduates

OAKHURST – Many young students who live close to campus have the opportunity to walk or ride a bike when school is in session. When those children walk or ride to Oakhurst Elementary School, for the past five years, they have been greeted every single morning by our fabulous Cross Walk Guard, Mrs. Jessica Sanchez. Yes, she’s the one waving to all the drivers who pass through the school zone each and every morning, with her bright orange vest and the red stop sign.

Mrs. Sanchez has donated her time every morning from 7:30 to 8 a.m. for the past five years. She decided to volunteer for this job when her daughter, Bethanny, was in Mrs. Cathy Tompkin’s class as a first grade student. Now, both mother and daughter are moving on: Bethanny to middle school, giving Mrs. Sanchez a wee bit of extra time in her day.

Mrs. Sanchez helps a student arrive safely to Oakhurst Elementary School

“Before I volunteered, Mrs. Tompkins mentioned that teachers rotated the cross walk duty job every week and that the school was asking for parent help, so I volunteered,” shares Mrs. Sanchez. “I love helping others. Being a single parent and working full-time didn’t provide me the time to work in the classroom, but this was something I could to do help the school.”

Mrs. Sanchez says that most days, drivers are courteous and safe when driving through the school zone. On average, between 10 and 15 students use the crosswalk to enter the OES campus. She has graciously given her time for the past five years. As such, she was recently honored by Bass Lake Joint Union Elementary School District as the 2013-2014 Golden Apple Award Recipient for her dedication to the children of Oakhurst Elementary School.

Mrs. Sanchez waves from another angle with Bethanny in the background - Oakhurst Elementary School 2014“I love seeing smiling faces and making sure students are safely walking through the cross walk zone to get to campus.”

Mrs. Sanchez, on behalf of all the students and staff of Oakhurst Elementary School, we thank you for providing an invaluable service to our students every single morning. You will be greatly missed!

Kathleen Murphy is the Principal at Oakhurst Elementary School

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