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Fasi Estate Winery Gives Back

The great people at the Fäsi Estate Winery wanted to find a worthy organization that they could give back to and they didn’t have far to look.

Since the Fäsi Estate Winery is located in the foothills of the Sierra National Forest and neighbors to the Yosemite National Park, the Yosemite Conservancy was just the organization they were looking for.

To honor the 150th Anniversary of the Yosemite Grant Act, Fäsi Estate Winery hosted a special wine tasting event during the Madera Wine Trail Yosemite Grant Wine Celebration on May 4th and 5th.

Fäsi Estate Winery displayed an oversized anniversary card and asked for signatures from visitors and guests, among them Clayton Clark and Kopi Sotiropulos of KMPH Fox Channel 26 Fresno, Calif. For every signature collected on the card Fäsi Estate Winery pledged to donate $1.50 to the Yosemite Conservancy.

Every year the Yosemite Conservancy needs to raise 10 million dollars to fund many projects throughout Yosemite National Park. Programs like the rehabilitation of trails and access, road maintenance, wildlife management, habitat restoration, scientific research, visitor services, and cultural and historical preservation.

Yosemite Conservancy LogoYosemite Conservancy has over 90 years of experience preserving and protecting Yosemite National Park for current and future generations. The Conservancy established an early model for many of today’s national park nonprofit partners.

Gina Chicconi, Tasting Room Manager had this to say, “We asked ourselves how we could give back to Yosemite. The Yosemite Conservancy is one of the oldest conservancies in the nation and we wanted to get the word out about all the good works they do every year for the people to enjoy this national treasure.”

On Monday, June 9, at 10:00 a.m., Gina Chicconi from Fäsi Estate Winery joined Adonia Ripple General Manager, Yosemite Operations Yosemite Conservancy at the Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau, to present a check to the Yosemite Conservancy. Also in attendance to help commemorate this event were Rhonda Salisbury Marketing Manager of the Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau, and Christi Long PR/Communications Manager of the Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau.

“We will be looking for more ways to give to the Yosemite Conservancy in the future, we feel honored to have a hand in helping such an amazing and historical organization accomplish their goals.” said Gina Chicconi.

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