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Fall For The Arts Showcase In North Fork

NORTH FORK – The North Fork School presents its Fall For The Arts Showcase, spotlighting all our talented kids, this Thursday, Nov. 7, from 5 to 7 p.m.

The fundraising event will raise money to support music and the arts at the school, which has been designated by the Chawanakee School District to be the School of the Arts in the district.

This special event is the brainchild of principal Gayle Fain and choir teacher Kristin Voolstra, and will feature the World Music Percusssion class taught by Dave Cicoletti, the band conducted by Bill Samuelson, Visual Arts kids instructed and inspired by Holly Cicoletti, and music and drama students coached and directed by Robyn Flory.

The evening starts with a meatball sub dinner at 5 p.m. for just $5, and artwork from the kids will be on display throughout the event. Performances will begin at about 5:30, and will feature everything from music to an Abbott and Costello skit.

All the kids at the North Fork School are involved in this special evening, and everyone is invited to come out to support music and the arts as an important part of the educational experience for our children.

For more information, call the school at 559-877-2215.

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