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Explore The Treasures Within At Gallery Row

This pictorial weaving called “Ocean’s Edge” by Jacqueline Kurtt, is hanging in the Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst. It is displayed in a special exhibition called “Rhythms.”

Jacqueline wove this textural effect on a loom that weaves two layers at a time and makes the surface into pleats that express the waves of water.

Jacqueline is working on a series of these water expressions. “Ocean Edge” is the second of three that she has accomplished so far. The first one was a sunset reflecting on the water, inspired by a photo provided by a customer. The third one is “Surfin’ the Sunset”, and will be hanging in Timberline Gallery soon. Jacqueline is available for commission pieces also.

While I sit Timberline Gallery, I gaze around at the amazing art created in this mountain area

I imagine many have passed Gallery Row, not knowing the beauty that is behind each door. It is as if you stepped into another space in time.

All the galleries have an amazing collection of a variety of art, photography, watercolors, textiles, and glass, all wonderful pieces for gifts or to take home or to your office. I should never list the types of art, because now I will hear from my sculpture and jewelry friends that I did not include them. I really should say, you can find every type of art. And if you are a visitor looking for art depicting Yosemite National Park. Look behind one of the doors, and the beauty of Yosemite will shine through.

Stop for a look at the new Public Sculpture that marks our area off Highway 41. Have your photo taken here to send to friends or better yet post it on Facebook.

Thank you Mark Heliger for the photo of Jacqueline’s “Ocean’s Edge.”

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