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Escaped Burn Pile Near Oakhurst

OAKHURST – Firefighters responded to reports of an escaped control burn this afternoon on Road 426 near Road 423.

At about 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 17, engines were dispatched to an incident that started when a burn pile got out of control about 2 miles east of Oakhurst.

When the first engine arrived at scene, they reported about one-eighth of an acre, and that the homeowners had stopped the forward progress of the fire.

All resources were called off except two engines. Crews did mopup and made sure the fire was dead out, calling the fire contained at 1 p.m., and controlled by 1:15.

Though it is a burn day above 2,000 feet, breezy conditions warrant extra caution when doing any hazard reduction burning. Be sure to follow the instructions on the mandated burn permit, available at your local fire station.

To learn whether it is a permissible burn day, visit or call 1-877-429-2876.

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