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Equipment Big And Small For Rent In North Fork

NORTH FORK — No matter what your home project, you can rent the equipment you need from the North Fork Rental Yard. They can be reached at (831) 970-1265 or (559) 877-4078.

North Fork resident Art Cruz offers an impressive array of machines. From routers to nail guns, compressors, table and tile saws, to jack hammers, generators or water pumps — it’s all for rent, and much more. Landscaping equipment from weed-eaters to Bobcats, excavators, a Kubota front-end loader with backhoe, scraper box, or disker — and all the rentals are new.

There are dump trailers and auto trailers — and it’s all available locally in North Fork.

Art has been around the construction business most of his life, and says he wanted to make that type of equipment available to mountain area residents.

From 1979 to 1981, Art worked as a Forestry Aid at the Mariposa Ranger Station under the supervision of Chief Johnny Johnson, and then at the Jerseydale Fire Station. During the fire season of 1984 -1986, he worked with the Sierra Hot Shots under Superintendent John Szalay.

“Being on the crew was very exciting,” says Art. “As a Hot Shot, we traveled to different states fighting fire. The job was pretty intense and it was a privilege to work with a team like the Sierra Hot Shots – a dream that came true.”

From 1987 to 1989, Art formed a Type 2 crew — the Sierra Diamond Blues — subcontracting to the US Forest Service with two 20-man crews fighting fire. He also supplied the Ground Support Camp.

In 1990, Art changed careers to heavy civil engineering construction, working in the Bay Area and in the Central Valley. He has over 25 years experience in heavy civil construction, and over 30 years experience as a heavy equipment operator.

“When you have a bunch of cleanup to do, or jobs around your property, it’s so expensive to get that work done up here,” says Art. “Most people can’t afford to buy or have valley rental delivered to the mountains but now they can rent locally.”

Art say the community is responding very enthusiastically, and his optimism is contagious.

Call Art anytime to learn more or reserve your equipment. He will bring it right to your home during regular business hours.

“I am committed to making the North Fork Rental Yard the best deal in the mountains,” says Art, “to have a place where people can find what they need without going out of town.”


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