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EMC SPCA Seeks Volunteers Who Love Pets

Submitted by Sharon Fitzgerald —

OAKHURST — The EMC SPCA would like to invite you to make a contribution to mountain area animals by volunteering to help with local projects. At this time we are establishing a larger foster program and will be holding meetings over the next couple of months to provide information about how to become a foster.

We have a couple of more immediate needs at this time. As you may know, the EMC SPCA has established a trap/neuter/return program at The Pines Resort in Bass Lake. Our volunteers who feed daily are going on vacation from August 15 to 23, and we need someone to feed at a couple of spots at The Pines Resort where we have feeding stations set up to leave food that we provide, and clean water.

Since we only have two volunteers helping with this program, it would be great to find a few people who live near The Pines to help as relief or on a regular basis. If you are interested in helping, please call Karen Bauer at (310)466-0897.

We also need volunteers to help with cats in problem areas. We occasionally get calls asking for help with feral cats, or tame cats that are not spayed. A particular instance is in the Ahwahnee area where there are three breeding cats with litters. The property owner is disabled. He wants to keep the mother cats, but we need someone to help by taking them to vet appointments for spay surgery and return them to the property. We also need to round up the kittens, which may involve some trapping, and get them to the vet in preparation for adoption locally or transfer to the Bay Area where they would be put up for adoption.

We have circumstances similar to this in different areas on a fairly regular basis. If you are able to help with this one group of cats, or might want to be involved in other similar situations, Karen Bauer (310)466-0897, will be able to give you more details.

Another emergency just arose: four kittens, whose mother died, have been rescued and require bottle feeding. They are three weeks old and will need feeding for another three weeks or so until they can begin to eat solid food. As soon as they are old enough they can be placed in permanent homes. If you are able to bottle feed and provide a home for about six weeks, please call Sharon at (559) 642-6611.

We really appreciate the local bakers who are providing Linda with baked goods for her Bake Sales at True Value. With so much going on at the shelter building site, Linda is answering lots of questions and everyone enjoys sampling the baked goods. The next bake sale is Saturday, July 29. Baked goods — preferably cookies and brownies in Ziploc bags with two to three 2-3 treats per bag — can be dropped off before 3 p.m. at The Cat’s Meow prior to the sale, or Saturday morning before 9 a.m. at True Value. If you have questions, please contact Linda at (559) 658-8919.

Thanks for supporting the EMCSPCA, your help is always appreciated.

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