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Emadco Reverses Plans For Rate Increase, Says Rates Will Decrease

MOUNTAIN AREA — On the heels of a recent announcement that rates would soon increase, the waste disposal service company for Madera County, Emadco Disposal Inc., has announced that customers can instead look forward to a decrease in rates, at least for now.

In an article posted on June 16, Emadco advised customers to expect an increase of 6.92 percent in the residential service currently set at $30.41 per month. The new rate would have been $32.51. Instead, the company said today that the rate will decrease by 2.25 percent and the new rate for residential service will be $29.73.

Emadco’s Business Manager Shad Gunderman explained the change in plans via email:

Emadco Disposal initially presented to the public that there was going to be a 6.92 percent rate increase effective July 1, 2017.

After close review of the contract with Madera County, it has been realized that an increase shall not be applicable. The new contract, dated July 1, 2017, called for an Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Fuel Price Index (FPI) adjustment on an annual basis, which was not calculated for July 1, 2016.

After several meetings, conference calls and review of calculations, it has been determined that Emadco is able to decrease the rates by 2.25 percent. Effective July 1, 2017, the new Residential Service Rate will decrease from $30.41 to $29.73.  Although this is not a large decrease, we are pleased to pass on a small savings to our customers.

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