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Electric Vehicles – North Fork Welcomes You!

Electric vehicles in the mountain area?! Yes, we got ’em! OK not a lot, but we’ve got to start somewhere and Don Loweburg, long time resident of North Fork and owner of Offline Solar, along with the North Fork Community Development Council (NFCDC) have made electric vehicles and their owners more welcome to travel, play and stay in our communities.

When Don purchased his Nissan Leaf a few weeks ago, he installed a charging station at his home. Since Don lives off-grid, meaning he produces all of his electricity on site with a solar energy system, his car’s fuel source is generated and ready for distribution everyday. Don loves that the solar he invested in years back is paying off by providing a free and independent fuel source for all of his mountain and city driving.

Even though the set up seems ideal, Don knew he would need a charging station in town for his own convenience and the convenience of the emerging electric vehicle market. Don has decided to invest in North Fork’s solar resources and has donated a solar powered electric vehicle charging station not only for his personal use, but for the community and visiting public to use as well.

After a couple meetings with the NFCDC, the CDC board enthusiastically approved an electric vehicle charging station at the North Fork Mill Site that will be open for public use by the end of this summer. Don will not only be donating a charging station and solar energy system but investing in our community’s energy independence.

Just like the solar energy system and charging station at Don’s home, the one soon to be installed at the mill site will be completely supported by solar energy. This charging station, supported by a solar energy system, simply defines energy independence since 100% of the electric vehicle’s fuel will be generated and distributed on site for free.

The NFCDC has been a welcoming host to all solar investments from the beginning and has partnered with Offline Solar on three projects so far. This upcoming installation will join the roster with a 2.5KW solar energy system for utility bill reduction and a solar energy system with battery back up for utility failure and emergency preparedness.

Don Loweburg and the NFCDC look forward to the North Fork Community supporting fueling the electric vehicles of neighbors and visitors, whether heading into the Sierra or swinging through for some fun at the Logger’s Jamboree.

Don always welcomes discussions and technical questions about solar charging for vehicles. Please feel free to comment below or email Don at

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