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Suzette Prue co-proponent of the Citizens to Save the Hospital Committee, covers the importance of Measure O at the recent Lions Club meeting

Efforts In Place To Save Mariposa Hospital

Citizens Committee Working Hard on Passage of Measure O

MARIPOSA – The Citizens to Save the Hospital Committee kicked off their campaign a few weeks ago and is working diligently on passage of Measure O for the June ballot.

“Measure O will provide funding for building a new hospital, as required by state law. Without its passage the John C. Fremont Hospital will have to close the doors on January 1, 2030,” explained Suzette Prue, co-proponent.

The committee members want the public to understand this is a public hospital owned by the citizens of the county. It is not a corporate hospital and is not a private hospital. “This truly is a citizens effort to benefit the people of the county, to keep THEIR hospital open,” stated Prue.

After the new hospital is built the old hospital can be re-purposed with funds from Measure O to better serve the community healthcare needs. Additional funds may be used for clinic improvements, including the Northside Clinic.

“Measure O has a sunset clause, which voters requested,” said Beth Tomsick, co-proponent. She added that it has a strict accountability plan. The funds have to be put in a separate bank account, with a public accounting made every three months. There is also a strict expenditure plan so funds aren’t used for general operations at the hospital.

Tomsick went on to explain Measure O also saves 200 plus jobs at the hospital with an annual payroll of $12 million. “This money is turned over several times in the community as hospital employees shop at local stores and buy services from local businesses,” stated Tomsick.

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Committee members have been placing election signs around the local communities. They’ve made several public presentations with several more planned. They will be in the Butterfly Days Parade and will have a booth at the festival. Other activities are planned to begin in the near future.

Just this week the Mariposa County Republican Central Committee announced it has endorsed Measure O and urges all local Republicans to vote yes. The Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce has endorsed the ballot measure as well as the Mariposa Democratic Club.

The “Argument in Favor of Measure O” which will be in the voter pamphlet, has been signed by Jeremy Briese, Jason Dubberke, Jenni Kiser, Randy Brower, and Penny Otwell.

They have a website, Citizenstosavethehospital.org, where the public can find a long list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). On the website people can contact the committee to request a presentation for their organization, request a sign, ask a question, etc.  There is also a Facebook page, Citizens to Save The Hospital. People are encouraged to “like” the page, then invite their friends to like the page, and share the posts made to the page.

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