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East Side Colors- Part One

The fall colors on the east side were a little spotty this week, although still beautiful.

We visited Twin Lakes, Virginia Lakes, the June Lakes Loop, Convict Canyon, McGee Creek Canyon, Lundy Canyon and Rock Creek Canyon, taking short hikes on all but Convict Canyon. Not very many reds yet, mostly green changing to yellow, and in some places the trees have already lost their leaves. Rock Creek Canyon was the best, although things change so fast that I wouldn’t give any advice on where to go.

Here’s an example of how the foliage was just beginning to change in some areas:

Reflections on one of the smaller of the Virginia Lakes:

East side2

To photograph aspen leaves it’s better to have the sun in front (back lighting) or to the side, because the leaves are translucent; otherwise they look pretty dull:

East side3

In McGee Canyon the sun was lighting the closer trees from the side:

East side4

We hiked up Rock Creek, where the willows were reddish yellow:

East side5

Along Rock Creek Canyon:

East side6

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  1. Beauitful pictures of that glorious eastside color. Thank you for sharing them!!

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